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Datalogging on the FK8 is a very beneficial thing that any Type R owner should regularly do. Even without Hondata or KTuner, you can log many of these channels via OBD2 with something like the Torque app. Many problems such as boost leaks and bad fuel causing knock can easily be detected by a quick glance at a datalog.

Generally, datalogging is as simple as pressing a button to start and stop the log and downloading it to your laptop later for review. Every sensor will be recorded so you can see exactly what was happening in the entire vehicle at any given time.

Hondata FlashPro tips

  • Always datalog on the FlashPro itself as the desktop software tends to not have nearly as high of a resolution.
  • You can press the record button on your laptop and on the FlashPro at the same time so you can watch graphs live and review them in high resolution later.
  • There's no maximum length to a datalog and they can be cut up into smaller logs, so just press record and drive. It will take longer to download a longer datalog though.
  • The datalog will continue to record on the FlashPro even if ignition is turned off and back on. Don't leave the recording running overnight or you'll have a massive datalog to download. You have to stop the recording.
  • The ECU starts reporting sensor data as soon as the ignition is keyed on, regardless of whether or not the engine is on. Knowing this, you can capture a log of the engine cranking up or see what happened when you stalled out.

Available Data Channels


Channel Hondata KTuner Notes
Air charge AIRC Used as an index for most tables instead of load. Percentage of cylinder filling.
Manifold pressure MAP Measured in the intake manifold after the throttle body
Boost pressure BP Measured in the charge pipe before the throttle body
Boost pressure command BPCMD Technically commands manifold pressure, when BPCMD is -5 MAP will be -5 but BP will be 0psi.
Throttle plate position TPlate
Air flow (volts) AFM.v The MAF sensor reports airflow in voltage rather than frequency.
Air flow (grams/second) AFM Found by looking up AFM.v in the AFM flow chart table. Possibly slightly corrected by the ECU.
Cylinder air mass (mg) AFM.c Not actually datalogged, but calculated as AFM / (RPM / 30) * 1000.
Wastegate Position WG 0mm-8mm. Cannot be changed and Hondata/KTuner will not be adding the ability to do so.
Wastegate Position Command WGCMD
VTEC Spool VTS Whether or not VTEC is engaged. Generally, exhaust backpressure is decreased when VTEC is on.
Intake Cam Angle CAM -25 to +30 degrees. Negative value indicates advance, positive value indicates retard.
Intake Cam Angle Command CAMCMD
Exhaust Cam Angle EXCAM -25 to +20 degrees. Negative value indicates advance, positive value indicates retard.
Exhaust Cam Angle Command EXCAMCMD
Atmospheric Pressure PA Used to limit boost tables at higher elevation and properly calculate a ton of other things


Channel Hondata KTuner Notes
Injector Duration INJ
Injector Duty Cycle DUTY Not actually datalogged, but calculated as INJ * RPM / 1200
Fuel Pressure DIFP
Fuel Pressure Command DIFPCMD ECU limits this to 200 bars, which is also what the factory and basemap tunes target. You may see 250 bars at startup or when letting off the pedal at redline, this is normal.
Fuel Pump Duty FuelP N/A Special channel added by Hondata only.
Air Fuel Ratio AF
Air Fuel Ratio Command AFCMD
Short Term Fuel Trim S.TRIM
Long Term Fuel Trim L.TRIM Stored based on RPM. Changes much faster than other platforms.
Fuel Status Fuel Status Standard OBD2 fuel status.
Ethanol Percentage Ethanol For FK8s with a flex fuel sensor installed. Replaces the ECT2 sensor.


Channel Hondata KTuner Notes
Engine speed RPM RPM
Oil pressure Oil. Press Sensor is located on the cylinder head and is not an accurate representation of pressure throughout the system.
Ignition Advance IGN Always in degrees of 0.75, but FlashProManager rounds it.
Knock Retard K.Retard 1-4 N/A Only available on Hondata. Degrees of knock retard applied to each or all cylinders. Also in degrees of 0.75.
Knock Level K.Level N/A Only available on Hondata. Noise being reported by the knock sensor. Generally not useful.
Traction Control Retard TC.R N/A Degrees of retard applied to regain traction by Hondata's TCS.


Note that IAT1 is post-intercooler and IAT2 is pre-intercooler, which is backwards from earlier Honda applications. This is true for both Hondata and KTuner - the sensors are the same between the tuning platforms. Hondata has stated what the values correspond to in their tuning notes and KTuner explained on their forums that IAT1 is post intercooler on their platform as well.

Temperature Hondata KTuner Notes
Catalytic Converter Cat.T Modelled by the ECU, not physically measured as there is no sensor in the cat.
Post-Intercooler IAT1 IAT1 Measured at the MAP sensor after the throttle body. Generally IAT2 on other platforms.
Pre-Intercooler IAT2 IAT2 Measured at the MAF sensor after the intake. Generally IAT1 on other platforms.
Radiator Inlet ECT1 Temperature of coolant exiting the engine.
Radiator Outlet ECT2 Temperature of coolant after the radiator. If a flex fuel kit is present this sensor is connected to the ethanol sensor instead.
Oil Temperature N/A N/A There is no oil temperature sensor in the FK8. 2020's have the LogR app that mathematically models it, but accuracy is in question.


Channel Hondata KTuner Notes
Vehicle speed VSS
Gear Gear
Throttle Pedal Position TPedal Corresponds to a torque request table per gear and drive mode.
Battery Voltage BAT
Wheel Speed ABS.LF/RF/LR/RR Not available on 2020+ due to new suspension controller.
Clutch Position Clutch.Pos
Brake Pressure Brake.Press
Steering Angle Steer Ang
Steering Torque Steer Trq
G Sensor G.Lat/G.Long
Yaw Sensor Yaw
Wheel Slip TC.Slip N/A Percentage of wheel slip as reported by Hondata TCS.