Dyno Procedure

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In order to properly dyno the FK8 Type R, there's a couple things to be aware of.

Fully disabling VSA with the pedal dance

The pedal dance is meant for dynoing as it fully disables the stability assistance computer and any self-checks it performs. In order to not have the VSA system flip out when you're on a dyno, it's recommended to do the pedal dance to fully disable the VSA computer.

If you're going to be doing a lot of pulls and reflashes on the dyno and don't want to waste time or need to still have access to +R mode, don't worry about this. Performance is not impacted by these codes being set. This is more useful for those that are just doing 3 quick pulls and heading home.

Failing to do this may result in the parking brake, stability systems, and any other speed-based functionality (i.e. lockouts on the radio) being disabled until the car is driven over 20 km and sometimes even longer. The cluster will cycle every error, much like when you flash a tune. Shutting off the car will require three presses of the ignition button. Only a Honda dealer tool and some expensive scan-tools (i.e. Snap-on) can clear this error immediately.

Contrary to some beliefs, the state you end up in is not a 'dyno mode'. The VSA computer has determined it can no longer trust itself to make corrections to the chassis and has shut itself down. There may be an official term for this, but this behavior is not documented by Honda anywhere.

How to perform the pedal dance

Start with the parking brake engaged, ignition on, but engine off. To cycle VSA, hold the VSA button for two seconds until the VSA light turns on, and again until it turns off.

  1. Foot brake on, parking brake off, cycle vsa.
  2. Parking brake on, foot brake off, cycle vsa.
  3. Foot brake on, cycle vsa.

The VSA 'OFF' light should be blinking and you should now be forced into sport mode. If it isn't blinking, you did something wrong. This procedure must be restarted any time ignition is turned off and on - the 'OFF' light should always be blinking.

Can't I just hold VSA for 10 seconds in R mode?

'Fully disabling' VSA in this manner doesn't actually disable the high speed cornering assist, so the VSA computer is still on and watching for errors. As a result, this method won't prevent this from happening, especially on a 2 wheel dyno. It's better to be safe than stuck without a parking brake for half an hour, so we recommend just following the full pedal dance procedure unless you must be in R mode.

Heat soak will majorly impact results

The FK8 ECU pulls a massive amount of power due to high IATs. Maximum boost starts getting reduced as early as 25C/77F but the power loss becomes significant at 140F. It is vital that you let the engine bay cool down before and in between runs. It is easy to lose well over 50 lbft of torque just by being heatsoaked at the start of the run.