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Welcome to the FK8 Wiki

This website is dedicated to housing all the technical information and expert wisdom available for the 2017+ FK8 platform. It is maintained, edited, and mostly written by Kefi from FK8 Clinic, who also wrote and maintained the stickied parts and tuning megathread on before it evolved into this wiki.

The wiki is still a work in progress. There is new content being added every day.

General information

These articles contain information that is useful to almost any Type R owner, regardless of goals.

Well Known Issues

Traction Control


Tuning information

Whether you're looking to get tuned, want to get tuned by someone else, trying to figure out how best to spend your money, or want to better understand how your tune is performing, we have every bit of information you would ever need to know.

Tuning (for owners looking into getting tuned)

Hondata Tuning Guide (for professional/self-tuners)

Dyno Procedure

Technical information

These are articles that cover a specific technical topic of the FK8 that either doesn't fit well elsewhere or deserves being expanded on. You don't need to know any of this, but if you want to deeply understand your vehicle these articles will help.

Knock Strategy

Air Charge

High Pressure Fuel Pump

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